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Rob Reich, Stop Wasting Our Time

In a very short video from MoveOn.org, “Why Democrats Must Fight for America,” Rob Reich asks Democrats why they didn’t push harder in the vote recount cases (brought by Green candidate Jill Stein); object to the Electoral College vote instead of rubber-stamping it on January 6; why they haven’t objected to Trump’s conflicts of interest; his appointment of family members to the White House; “kept the heat” on the investigation of Russia involvement in Trump’s campaign; or “used every procedural tool at proposal to slow approval of Trump’s terrible cabinet appointees.” He also asks, “Why did 13 Senate Democrats [including rising star Cory Booker, which Reich doesn’t mention] vote against Bernie Sanders’ proposal to import prescription drugs from Canada?”

Reich offers the standard answers (Democrats don’t want to be sore losers, they  want to take the high road, etc.).

Reich neglects the obvious answers: Democrats don’t care. They’re beholden to the same interests. They’re a fake opposition party. Remember back in the George W. Bush years, when the Democrat majority in Congress stood up to Bush and dismantled his assault on civil liberties, human rights, and his military assault on Afghanistan and Iraq?

I don’t, either. It never happened. Instead, the Democrat majority just went along.

The Democrats’ nominating pro-war, corporate-owned Hillary Clinton explains their true nature. Recall that the party was able to crown Clinton only by relying on the votes of party-insider “super-delegates,” because Clinton couldn’t win the requisite number of regular delegates based on popular voting. Too many people voted for Bernie Sanders.

Reich calls on us to call on elected Democrats to say “you want them to fight as if your life, and the well-being of your family and community, depends on it — which they do.”

There should be no need to call any Democrats. Certainly, they see what’s going on even more clearly than we do.

Elected Republicans don’t wait until their constituents call them before taking action.  President Trump certainly doesn’t.

Given the real reasons Democrats don’t/won’t “fight back,” it’s clear that calling them is a waste of time.


The Power of Your Vote

I received this email from the Obama campaign yesterday:

“Brian —

“Tomorrow is the last day to make sure every single voter in Florida is ready to vote.

“So get on our Facebook app right now, and reach out to your friends to make sure they’re ready to cast their ballot.

“It’s a pretty phenomenal power we have as voters — we get the chance to shape the future of our country.

“And, as Floridians, we have a big role to play in deciding the outcome of this election …

I’ve been intrigued by discussions with fellow liberals about third party voting. They say it’s wasting your vote to vote for a third party candidate such as the Green Party’s Jill Stein.  Because it’s impossible for her to win, they say.  And even if you want to try to move the Democratic Party left by voting Green, that effort will fail, they say, because the lesson the Democrat powers-that-be will take is that the Democratic Party must move further right, to capture the middle.  And, by the way, most Americans aren’t liberal — just check out how few votes liberal third parties actually get!  Oh — and you’ll be vilified the way Ralph Nader has been.

So your vote is futile, unless it’s to support Obama.  Then the power is, as the letter from Camp Obama says, “pretty phenomenal.”

Three things: First, if a sufficient number of people voted for a particular candidate, the candidate would win. Isn’t that what voting is about? Second, if the Democrats lost a sizable number of votes to a liberal, they would be fools to think that they’d regain or replace those votes by moving right.  (And isn’t it interesting that the party will change positions to gain voters on the right but not on the left?) Third, the fact that third parties don’t get many votes may be in large part because even people who agree with those parties’ candidates ultimately don’t vote for them — because they’ve been told it’s futile. (To see which candidate most reflects your views, take this quiz.)

My thought is that Democratic Party leaders just don’t want to move left. That would make it harder for them to score corporate money, and raising small amounts from lots of regular people takes lots of work.  Democratic leaders are enjoying  power right now, and they don’t have to bother satisfying any pesky popular base. (They could use that power to advance a liberal agenda, but they’re using it to advance … their own power.)  So they scare (propagandize?) liberals into accepting that the Democratic candidate is as left wing as America can ever possibly get.  If you try to move the party further left — BAM! — you’ll have yourself a right wing president … who will move his party even further right … because, after all, he must satisfy his base. Fear fear fear.

Apparently, the thinking goes, there’s just one direction parties can move in response to voters: right.  Right?

I’m interested in readers’ thoughts on this topic.
UPDATE: I was talking with a libertarian yesterday who said he wants to vote Libertarian but heard that that will take a vote away from Romney — and he’s afraid of four more years of Obama.