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Forbes and Famine – Can Two Unrelated News Stories Become One?

Weird Idea: Two recent unrelated news stories – what if they met up?

UN says famine can be prevented if $4.4 billion if paid by end of March. Not 44 – 4 point 4.

Forbes list of world’s billionaires. Bill Gates: $86 billion; Warren Buffet: $75.6 billion; Bezos: $72.8 billion; Amancia Ortega: $71.3 billion; Mark Zuckerberg: $56 billion.

Would any of these 5 really miss $1 billion? And, wouldn’t it feel great to stop a famine?

There are 2,043 billionaires. $4400000000/2043 = $2,153,695.55 per billionaire. I know all worked their butts off and deserve every penny and can do whatever they want with their money, but imagine if just a few wanted to prevent famine.



Let Your Boss Learn Your Genetics?

Bad news in the Washington Post:  “Employees who decline genetic testing could face penalties under proposed bill.”

It’s really just another reason your boss shouldn’t be involved in your health care, and why we need universal health care (not “insurance”) guaranteed by government.

Know this: Our federal, state, and local governments (“government”) already pay for roads, schools, public safety, military, etc. Government already pays for  health care for veterans, Congress assheads, older people and some children. At this point, covering EVERYONE isn’t really a stretch.

Too bad too many Democrats during last year’s primaries tendentiously shot down the idea of universal coverage as “unrealistic” and “Everyone gets a pony!”  in their ill-fated, ignore-the-polls support of Hillary over Bernie.  In any event, Democrats at least should have made Clinton adopt the position, which has been a popular one, as a Gallup Poll shows. (File that under “Hindsight for 2020.”)

Calling universal health care “unrealistic” is just lawpaganda, given the above and given that practically all other developed nations provide health care for their citizens. (They recognize it’s in the national interest.)

If your response is, “I don’t want the government knowing about my health!” keep in mind that it already knows the health of our veterans, our elderly, et al., and that it  probably hacks into health care databases. Keep in mind that the government lacks the motive that a private employer, paying high costs for health insurance, has to deprive you of that insurance (by firing you).

Here’s the EEOC’s rundown of current federal law on genetic information discrimination (your state might give you more protection).

Why No Process to Test Obama’s Case for Bombing Syria?

Here are three links to pieces I’ve written on how we need, internationally and nationally, to create processes for testing claims for war.  Let’s start a movement!

Here’s a downloadable article: Foley Avoiding War

I discussed this issue today on the great Chicago radio show “This Is Hell” with Chuck Mertz. Here’s the link:

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